Capturing Ideas


Everyone has a lot of ideas that we sometimes have a feeling that if we acted on it, we would be as successful as those who have come out on top. What separates successful innovators and entrepreneurs from the majority?


Ideas – whether great or small – are fleeting. They may arrive at inopportune times, serving as some random inspiration or a nagging concept. We hope to keep them for long enough until we can act on them, or when certain conditions are available to make those ideas fertile. However, those ideas don’t stay with us or don’t get developed. They often get forgotten and ignored as life comes crashing into us or as distractions take our attention away.


Memory is as ephemeral as writing on sand. It’s just the nature of our minds, and we shouldn’t blame it for that. Instead, we should always make a habit of taking down notes.



It sounds simple, but it makes a lot of difference when it comes to holding on to ideas and being able to act on them. Whatever is more convenient for you should work, as long as you can get to it quickly and in one place. Have a notebook in hand if that’s your thing, or maximize your smart device with the best note-taking app for you. Whatever works. The important thing is jotting those ideas down before they leave your head. It can be as simple as a solution you want to try, or a big idea that may take a lot of effort to pull off.


Use lists to have an exact perspective of what you need to accomplish on a certain period – even if that is just within the day. Making lists gives you a sense of accomplishment whenever you meet your tasks one by one, and nothing falls through the cracks. The only caveat here is, you need to list everything you need to do down because if it is out of your sight, it becomes out your mind.


Next time, we will talk about how you can start acting on those ideas that you’ve held on to for quite a while but haven’t made headway on.