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Every business needs a dedicated, diverse, multi-talented team that can do the work. And that team is precisely what L3 Global Ventures Inc. has. Driven by clear goals and a purpose to dutifully serve, this staff possesses the attributes that make them an A-Team: Collaborative, diverse, empathetic, interactive, prepared, self-aware, steadfast, and trustworthy.
Our A-Team
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Communicating to Build Trust with Customers
Their ability to excellently use communication as a way to connect help solidify trust and build lasting relationships between L3 Global Ventures and their customers and prospects.
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The Custodians of Your Experience
The Service Delivery team is in charge of ensuring that L3's new and existing clients are entirely supported throughout their installation process.
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Creatively Defining Company Identity
With their creativity and great attention to detail, L3’s Marketing department creates marketing campaigns and content that both the company and the customers want to see. This department ensures that everything they produce defines who L3 Global Ventures Inc. is, and serves both the internal and external factors that make up L3.
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Ensuring Data Integrity
The Strategic Analytics team, known as the SAT, is in charge of gathering information and creating reports on L3’s prospects to monitor and ensure data integrity and validity.
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Reaching Goals with the People of L3
The HRBO department helps L3 Global Ventures Inc. achieve its goals through its people. This department is focused on advancing the company’s employee retention, promoting the company’s culture inside and outside, and above all, enhancing overall employee experience.
Human Resources & Business Operations
Our Cooltura
Happy Hour
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Be a part of our A-Team

Culture comes from the people, developed through relationship & collaboration and strengthened by the right attitudes.

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