Success without restraints.

Value proliferates in the success of every individual. This is not just a company, but a facility to explore and enhance your unique talents and powers! We enable our employees to grow and discover the extent of their potential. Have you discovered your superpower yet?

We are constantly looking for highly motivated, independent, and out-of-the-box thinkers and talents to join us. Do you have the tenacity and focus to contribute to our growing team?

Account Development Manager

Build Strong Relationships
Effective sales people foster relevant relationships to enable themselves to probe deep into the intrinsic needs of a prospect. Your mission is to connect and discover these needs, offer the appropriate solution, and oversee the proper delivery of customers’ requirements.

Requirements: Excellent English communication, both spoken and written; strong sales aptitude; adaptive, collaborative, and great with developing conversion strategies; proficient with networking and internet skills. Understanding with Telecom services can also be an advantage.

Order Management Specialist

Deliver with Efficiency
Getting things done with serious attention to detail and focused determination is critical for this role. Your mission is to gather and filter correct information to enable purchase and installation of services. You also get to monitor and follow up on implementation to make it smooth for the customers.

Requirements: Experience with order processing and project management, particularly with Telecom services; organized, data-driven, and efficient with scheduling; assertive at seeking relevant solutions for various customer concerns. Basic knowledge of Internet Protocol Networks (IPN) and LAN/WAN topology can also be an advantage.

Content Writer

Strike your Target
Sending a message is more complicated than it used to be, with thousands of other ideas competing for attention. Appeal and stickiness are the prongs every writer need to sharpen to penetrate the market. Your mission is to deliver effective copy that these prospects will resonate with and give attention to.

Requirements: Deep experience with content development and written English copy for web or print; highly efficient with creating original pieces for blogs, marketing collateral, and other writing requirements; collaborate with the marketing team in building campaigns and promotional strategies.

Data Analyst

Simplify the Complex
Data collection and interpretation are critical functions in every organization that wants to focus on strategic growth. This requires diligence and accuracy, and a team with the skill and foresight to report the data in an easy-to-understand format. Your mission is to rigorously clean records that will be used by the operations team, as well as extract information for analysis and projections.

Requirements: Expertise in using Excel (advanced formulas and features) and knowledge in using databases; experience with data-driven and process-oriented analysis; effective and clear reporting and presentation of findings; collaborative and creative with developing system and process optimization.

Customer Success

Inspire Meaningful Change
Your role is to manage business visibility and retention. Understanding an existing logo’s developing requirement is crucial in discovering new opportunities in sales and customer service. Your mission is to engage and discover these requirements firsthand, so we are always top of mind with these customers.

Requirements: Deep sales experience; proficient at growth and retention strategies; proactive, fluent, and energetic; analytic and decisive with handling issues; effective with using online resources and learning systems. Some Telecom background can also be an advantage.

Graphic Artist

Design your Story
Building visuals that drive a strong point is a challenge for every business. As you collaborate with the marketing and sales teams to deliver collaterals and graphical pieces, your mission is to translate the ideas into an attractive design that effectively speaks to the target audience.

Requirements: High visual design sense and effective execution; expert use of graphic design tools (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.); creation of targeted graphic content for web media and print; knowledge in web and email design; collaborate with the marketing team in building campaigns and promotional strategies.