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L3 Global Ventures is a local version that serves as the recruitment and marketing arm for CPOA Global here in the Philippines.


Since its formation, L3 Global Ventures Inc. has capitalized on finding and developing the right kind of people for CPOA Global Inc. and its clients. Employees have claimed that they find themselves becoming better and more dedicated to the job they must do, and are willing to learn more in the future.


We continuously build an awesome team equipped with the right kind of skills. These skills combined into one workforce help CPOA Global gain important assets and receive well-justified recognition, as well as build solid career paths for employees to explore in the future.

About Us
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Discover jobs for you

We are looking for talented and productive individuals


Telecom Appointment Setter

San Juan, Mandaluyong



B2B Outbound Sales

San Juan, Mandaluyong



Telecom Data Analyst

San Juan, Mandaluyong



Customer Success

San Juan, Mandaluyong


Service Delivery

Implementation Project Manager

San Juan, Mandaluyong



Human Resources Administrator

San Juan, Mandaluyong


Join our A- Team

We are looking for talented and productive individuals


Why work with us

We are in the business of delivering easy. Everyone quantifies service by the ease and  simplicity of the experience. Business customers already have their day-to-day responsibilities filling their plate, that dealing with service departments and delving into verbal instructions take more mental bandwidth and patience than they can reasonably spare.

Take telecommunications. It is fairly straightforward when it works and when it doesn’t. Yet customers are often flung into winding solution paths or bounced from one support department to another that frustration is already expected in these situations.


Our Core Values

We are looking for talented and

productive individuals

Discipline, a result of preparation and constant practice, helps us excel beyond our comfort zones.

Consistency encourages us to maintain a professional attitude while pursuing endeavors that support our success.

Excellence is what drives us to battle mediocrity and bring excellent quality to our work.

With humility, we can open our minds to learn about our colleagues and ourselves.

Positive relationships fostered through respect unlocks different levels of collaboration.

Solid commitment to the work opens the door to numerous opportunities.

How to Apply

Apply on us today and let us help you find the best job opportunities based on your skill set.

Send an updated resume to with the subject line containing the position you are applying for, and the email body containing a short caption detailing why you want to join us.

Apply via our JobStreet account using the link (link here).

Visit and click on the “Careers” page to submit an updated resume.

There is also our official Facebook account (@l3Inc.) You can send a direct message and we will attend to your application.

We can also be contacted through Viber using this code (code here).


We help companies with

their telecom needs.