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Understanding Telecom Solutions

Hello there, dear customer! Have you just come across our website and saw our telecom services? If so, that is wonderful! But are you having trouble having a basic understanding of telecom services and what they are? This article is just for you.

Internet Connectivity

This is probably the most basic concept to understand out of all of our services. Otherwise called “internet access,” internet connectivity is how people are hooked up to the internet, be it through dial-up telephone lines, broadband connections, and wireless internet devices.

Office Phone Systems (UCaaS)

Known fully as Unified Communications as a Service,UCaaS is a cloud-based unified communications model that supports six functions for communication: Enterprise Telephony, Meetings (audio/video/web conferencing), Unified Messaging, Instant Messaging and Presence, Mobility, and Communications-enable Business Processes.

Wireless Services

Wireless services refer to services that use either licensed or unlicensed wireless spectrum, like wi-fi. It is offered utilizing wireless infrastructure, whether from a fixed location or through a mobile device.

Financial and Accounting Services

While this may sound like a more general term, financial and accounting services is more focused on back-office outsourcing, which is a process that involves the outsourcing of an organization’s back-office functions to a third-party vendor that specializes in BPO activities,

24/7 Answering Services and Customer Support

Answering services and customer support can be combined into one definition, which is the process of answering customers’ questions and providing helpful assistance before, during, and after the sale of a product, further enhancing the company’s relationship with them.

24/7 Chat, Email, and Administrative Services

This service, however, could be considered broader than the rest. When customers expect an immediate answer to their inquiries, they can get a live representative in just the click of a button. Additionally, if businesses need help in completing administrative tasks such as sending documents, encoding data, or scheduling appointments, a fully-managed back-office staff, much like ours here at CPOA Global, can help get such jobs done.

Now that you have a basic understanding of our services, shoot us an email or give us a call if you would like to learn more about what CPOA Global’s services can do for you or what arrangements can be made to suit your business needs. There is a chance what you are looking for is right here at CPOA Global.

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