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Beyond the Boundaries: What Motivates You to Go Above and Beyond at Work?

Do you remember that student in school who just went above and beyond with their work? The one who raised their hand first, submitted their project in advance, or paid great attention to every detail in their work?

While we may have scoffed at the token overachiever, let’s be real here: You can’t help but wonder how they do it.

There is not much of a difference in the workplace either. The desire to prove your worth will make you want to become that same overachiever. But of course, you don’t want to be known as the annoying overachiever who always draws attention to themselves to show off – you want to establish a real impact on your team by demonstrating your actual value.

According to L3’s team leaders, different forces push them to go above and beyond their typical work ethic.

Sense of Professional Self

If there is one quality that L3’s team leaders possess a good deal of, it is a healthy sense of professional self. Their awareness of the job that must be done heightens their sense of responsibility, effectively pushing them to finish it and provide an even better result than expected.

Additionally, their ability to develop a good sense of self helps them understand their duty. This motivating awareness of ethical responsibility allows them to comprehend their role as leaders and employees of L3 and what they, along with their team members, must offer to the company.

Flow of Knowledge

Another driving force for L3’s team leaders is their desire to attain and bring knowledge simultaneously. Growth is one crucial aspect of the workplace, and L3’s team leaders aim for that, along with a whole other set of positive elements. Their awareness of imperfections and how they will always be present does not necessarily persuade them to turn these imperfections around. Instead, it encourages them to embrace these imperfections and become open-minded people who always find the energy and time to learn from each other and their team members.

Mapped-Out Tunnel Vision

L3’s team leaders also find motivation in being able to recognize their goals for themselves and their team. Setting clear goals gives them the excitement and impulse to extend as much time as possible and double their efforts to provide the best of their work. This enthusiasm comes naturally to them and has shown no signs of decreasing.

Appreciation at Work

Finally, L3’s team leaders find motivation in being shown appreciation in the workplace. Whether it’s from superiors, team members, or loyal customers, appreciation is a good sign of an excellent job. Receiving appreciation in the workplace also makes the work enjoyable and worthwhile, making employees more open to opportunities that will enable them to grow and become better.

Many different forces can drive us to become and give our best. Exceeding expectations in a healthy, motivating way can bring great surprises to ourselves and our team. It begins with identifying our purpose and developing the right strategy to fulfill it, while giving ourselves those optimistic, promising surprises of exceeding our assumptions and learning from them in the long run.

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