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Building a Ridiculously Awesome Team

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to put together a dream team? At L3, that dream is our reality. We believe in our people and can trust them to steer the company ahead at a strong pace.

We are running a tight ship today, as we have always done in the past. Recruitment is not merely a machine for us to wrangle in new hires to fill seats. Our mindset is to put together a team that works together flawlessly, without compromising individual personality and creativity. Our quality of work is a clear reflection of ourselves. Who you are as a person feeds into your role, and this means a solid character with the right skillset is always important.

Our quality of work is a clear reflection of ourselves.

The recruitment experience at L3 turns the BPO culture on its head. Right at the onset, people will walk in with a clear view of how the people interact in the L3 ecosystem. The office ambience is an impression of the employees’ creativity and the office cooltura. How we do things here is unmasked and apparent wherever you go.

The process for evaluating applications is deeper than the usual flash recruitment trend we see in other companies. This is because talent and experience are only parts of what factor in for the application. Character and attitude are equally crucial, because culture matters heavily in everything we do. The process may take two or three sessions before final evaluation, which is enough time to get a holistic view of a person, instead of just a superficial impression.

No applicant will be left hanging. We take the time to inform individuals who do not fit the roles in our business. For those who are a great match with our culture, standards, and requirements, we offer a smooth and convenient setup to onboard them.

We are sailing through new seas, and we want to take those who are ready and fit with our journey. Are you ready to come onboard L3?

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