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#COOLTURA, Fostering a Culture that Matters

Having an enduring positive culture in the workplace is no small feat. You cannot really create a culture. It is organically developed across the organization, and what rises above is the behavior that you tolerate – because it becomes the habit. Therefore culture is steered by things that incentivize the attitudes carried out in the workplace. Those would be vision, leadership, and values.

Culture Starts with What People See

Culture is the multiplication of every person’s personal and professional habits, as they engage and collaborate with one another. Poor habits can intrude or influence an organization’s flow. This is why getting the right people on board is the most critical consideration we believe a company should make.

The right people cannot be measured by just their skills and experience. The right people imbibe the vision of the company as if it was their own. This can only happen if the vision is relatable to them. Being connected with the vision of the company allows them to integrate it into their ambition and way of life.

Culture is Retained by How People See Themselves

Values determine if a person fits the culture. If personal values are not attuned to the corporate culture, they are less likely to adhere to it. On the other hand, if the culture is resonant with the values they already have, then they are incentivized to further pursue those habits and attitudes. Values are developed through personal growth and are always close to the chest that people allow those values to define them. Changing them is a futile pursuit because there are experiences that influenced them to having and accepting these values.

Therefore, people must have the right values to fit a certain culture. This is not to say that irreconcilable values are wrong. They may just not match the culture that a company wants to espouse. There are several companies out there with different cultures and they too are looking for people who fit with them. You just need to find a company that values the same things that you do.

As for L3, our culture is driven by people who pursue long-term, enduring goals. It is founded by people who are proactive in building every facet of the business to its highest possible form. We are comfortable with independent responsibilities but are highly collaborative to execute on our larger plans. We are chill, but we are focused on our desired outcomes. We stay cool, but we stay on top of every area of concern. We make our work fun, but we always behave professionally.

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