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How AI Can Establish an Era of Revolutionary Opportunities

Working Efficiently is the Common AI Standard.

It does not take a lot to understand how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is quickly changing the pace of our lives. AI technology increasingly plays a prominent role in the professional process, from recruitment and onboarding, to on-the-job training, to passing on our experiences and skills to others who follow in our footsteps. Even those of us who do not work in technology-related professions are exposed to AI-powered applications and machines in the workplace. This rise of new technology, combined with the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, established a new set of expectations from employees in the workplace.

What makes AI valuable?

The amount of data produced by humans and machines today significantly outnumbers humans' ability to absorb, evaluate, and make complicated decisions based on that data. Artificial intelligence underpins all computer learning and is the future of complicated decision-making.

What makes AI a useful tool is that it presents numerous benefits, effectively giving it the ability to virtually serve any modern organization. Such benefits include:

  • Accuracy

  • Analysis

  • Automation

  • Enhancement

  • ROI

In simple words, AI helps us make better, clearer decisions by increasing both the accuracy and speed of the decision-making process. Constructively, it enhances core business processes.

AI in the Workplace

AI’s multifunctionality makes it useful in various departments and professional fields. Advances that have been made in business are currently on the cutting-edge of the AI wave, and employees are becoming more likely to adapt to these changes to capitalize on the arrival of these smart machines.

When one mentions the term “AI”, especially of its use in the workplace, employees could tend to feel uncomfortable because it is thought of as a replacement for humans and lead to job losses. However, AI integration is more like augmentation – the concept that AI machines can help us do our jobs more efficiently, rather than be our replacements. One key concept is that they will take over the monotonous portions of our jobs, freeing us to focus on what we do best as humans: creativity and human-to-human contact.

Then there is the issue of cybersecurity. The business value behind data makes it a central target for hackers. However, the cybersecurity industry in the United States alone is dangerously thin. In reality, today's data breaches take an average of 287 days to notice and contain, which is much too long. Now, we can help cut that timescale to a few days or even hours thanks to A.I.'s capacity to assess threat information at scale.

Last but not least, AI provides a multitude of professional opportunities. Not only does it open the door for AI-related jobs, but it provides businesses and corporations with the opportunity to expand their enterprise and improve their employees’ working conditions. Therefore, not only does AI make businesses safer, smarter, and stronger, it paves the way for new discoveries made throughout various professional industries.

AI Finding Its Place in the Future

AI continues to be portrayed as a concept of great ambition and innovation. As it becomes more integrated into the professional world, it holds a common standard: Work Must Always Be Done Efficiently. This standard is not only held for the general workplace, but for AI itself. And regardless of whether your business is just getting started with AI or you are a veteran of the concept, there is still a long way to go.

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