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Year-end party as a way of elevating company's spirit

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

By: John Alvi Bautista Morales, Content Writer

In the Philippines, the months of September through December are known as the "Ber months," when the holiday season begins to creep closer. As the holiday season reminds us, the year is coming to an end and the corporate year-end celebration season has begun. 

12 reasons why a company needs to celebrate on the 12th month of the year: Year End Party 

1. Boost Morale - Employees are more willing to go above and beyond for their company when they are content and engaged. At work, they'll be more effective and driven, which will improve the company's outcomes.

2. Recognition - Recognizing employees' contributions to the success of their teams and the organization as a whole helps them understand how much their company values them. Although recognition can take many different forms, implementing a formal program is one method to ensure that you are going about it effectively.

3. Evaluation - Evaluations aid in determining the aspects of a strategy or effort that are effective and could be improved. This ensures that the organization is headed on the proper path and can assist organizations in deciding whether to continue or end a strategy or project.

4. Face-to-Face Connection - Face-to-face meetings allow participants to gauge the mood of other attendees and react accordingly. Face-to-face meetings are also more likely to result in personal connections between participants that can lead to future collaborations or even friendships.

5. Showcase the business Achievements - Awards and quality marks can boost your organization's reputation, setting you "apart from the crowd.". Award certificates are a great way to recognize staff, customers, and partners for their contributions.

6. Planning - Proper planning helps a business set realistic objectives and assign stipulated time for those goals to be met. This results in long-term profitability.

7. Strengthen Community - Training and development programs provide a host of benefits. They enhance employee performance, boost employee productivity, reduce employee turnover, and improve company culture. They also provide an opportunity for employers and employees to invest in each other.

8. Breaking up walls - Walls develop when employees perceive the work environment to be unsafe or unhealthy for authentic two-way communication. When employees perceive that their voice is not valued, they tend to stop speaking up. When leaders don’t listen or engage in conversation, employees feel ignored and marginalized.

9. Strengthen Leader and Employees relationship - Positive manager-employee relationships in the workplace encourage productivity and cooperation among workers. This can lead to higher levels of trust and loyalty among employees, which are essential ingredients for a productive team.

10. Team Building - One of the most powerful reasons for team building is to get results. Through a series of planned team-building events that are fun and motivational, teams build skills like communication, planning, problem-solving, and conflict resolution.

11. Give Everybody a well-deserved break - However, work can also be stressful and all-consuming. That’s why it’s important to take time off from work to relax and rejuvenate. The key to a healthy work-life balance is to have the right amount of time for both.

12.Have Fun - having fun has positive biological effects. When we do pleasurable activities, it releases dopamine which leads to positivity and can counteract more uncomfortable feelings of hopelessness and stress.

As the holiday came, we at CPOA experienced an unforgettable Year-end party too at Laiya, Batangas. A time for recognition and celebration. It’s when we take a moment to acknowledge the good things that happen in our company’s path, and it’s also a time for us to have some fun together. Having time for bringing closure to the year and looking ahead to the next one. This is a chance to acknowledge those who have made an impact on the business, both people and projects.

In summary, the Year-end party elevates the company’s standing in a different way it is also a great way to thank your employees for their hard work throughout the year by providing them with some fun and entertainment.

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