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We RACE Together

A little vacation never hurt anyone.

And a little vacation is what L3’s employees got last weekend. Having taken place in San Juan, La Union, there was more than the relaxing and refreshing aura the sandy beaches gave. There was the feeling of kinship and excitement over what was to come, not only from the outing, but in the many weeks and months.

The events that took place last weekend did not stray far from what the employees expected from it. Employees were given the chance to collaborate and converse freely all while being able to relax and get away from the pressures of daily life for only the weekend. They experienced a lot of fun throughout the process of getting to know each other on a deeper level, especially for those who are new in the company. Employees were also given the chance to explore different activities together, activities that further brought them together as a team and a company.

And since numerous activities took place, to highlight one would probably be unfair to the rest. As a whole, the company outing is already a highlight on its own. Every activity that employees got to engage in brought them closer, always encouraging collaboration, togetherness, and easygoing conversations where everyone can simply be themselves. Each activity also had a highlight of its own, from constant running matches to the ocean to impressive dance moves employees have never seen before. But the highlight was always how closer they became and how much enjoyment they experienced being together.

As a result, team leaders of L3 noticed one common improvement in one thing: Connecting with each other. Most L3 employees are newbies who are still establishing themselves within the company, and are still finding ways to effectively connect with each other in a new work environment. Last weekend’s company outing enabled employees, seasoned or newly minted, to connect effectively simply through being themselves, eventually enabling themselves to relax with each other.

The company’s outing to La Union brought a new set of qualities in our individual characters, such as openness to new opportunities, excitement for the future, and a sense of security in the present. These qualities are slowly being applied not only in L3’s workplace, but with their relationships with others outside the workplace. Effectively, L3’s employees’ individual characters become better and more ready for what the future has to offer for their company.

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