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L3 Goes for a More Comfortable, Home-Feel Office

Numerous elements give an office the same atmosphere as a home: Comfort, safety, and support. If one asks employees what provides an office with an at-home aura, the answer is expected to be subjective but not challenging to accomplish. Establishing a pleasant, positive, and secure work environment benefits company culture, employee retention, and productivity. 

In this article, we explore what makes L3 Global Ventures Inc.'s offices a fun workplace to be at, according to the employees themselves. 

Conversations with Friends 

Conversations, whether personal or professional, are the bridge in every relationship. The ultimate goal is to let go of our egos and develop an open mind to different perspectives and occasional disagreements. This timeless practice lets us give constructive feedback and focus on finding excellent solutions.

But above all, conversations help us improve our communication skills. In this day and age, genuine and interactive discussions are what we need to build excellent professional relationships when communication is in crisis. When someone speaks to you, pay attention to what they are saying rather than letting your thoughts wander and interrupt them. And be empathetic when giving a response.

Peers of Progress

Employees often feel motivated to become better individuals and learn from experiences and mistakes when surrounded by the right kind of managers and team members that encourage them to do so. It gives them a first-hand look at what they have achieved and what pain points they need to improve on.

Additionally, spending time with a group whose agenda is to progress in search of achievement can give us a set of models of what achievement and development should look like, depending on what we find suitable. We could see the exact type of model we are looking for or something close enough that we can alter to complement our abilities and professional principles.

A Second Home

As mentioned in the introduction paragraph, numerous elements can make any place feel like a home. For employees at L3, the office has become a second home to them, where colleagues are like siblings and managers are more like mentors rather than superiors. Competition is non-existent, and spirits are always boosted through encouragement and enthusiasm. 

A Sense of Individualism 

Lastly, L3 Global Ventures Inc. employees find themselves at home in the office because it is one of the places where they can be themselves. Everyone is aware that they have their own capabilities and professional principles, and as a result, that helps them respect each other. It also gives them the freedom to express themselves and explore ways that can help them get their tasks done.

Individualism in a vertical direction, where each team member is looking to rise upward, may be pretty effective with a focus on the outcome. It is akin to a varsity team where each member's contributions count toward the team's score.

There are certainly more attributes that provide L3's employees with a home away from home through the office, but these four certainly take the cake. They are what make the office of L3 a safe place to work, a place where comfort, safety, support, and a sense of self are prioritized.

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