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Looking for Something Real (A Guide to a Job You Can Love)

Too often, new and even seasoned employees believe that a career is all about wealth-building. This is true to a certain extent. But money never is the only reason people stay in their jobs, nor is it the singular reason to leave. Something very important to our lives – that we give more than a third of our time to it – cannot alone be relegated to the material satisfaction it brings. In fact, if it becomes all about the money, there’s a chance that things are about to become shaky from there.

There are a lot of factors that we consider intrinsically, whether consciously or not, when choosing and staying with a company.

We want to help you make a conscious, deliberate decision when it comes to your career. We want you to have a career that you can love for a very long time.

Being with you every day

Monotony is such a painful experience. But when your job requires you to produce the same amount and quality of work every day, how can you escape the tedium of repetition?

Many look outside for an answer. They imagine and seek out opportunities that are more exciting and compelling to what they currently have. But a great company would have you looking inside – and then upwards. Being an expert should not be a punishment of having more of the same. Growth should not be stunted by fear or comfort or the mindset of “just good enough”. Growth and training must be encouraged at all levels because that’s the only way the company can sustainably become larger.

The most beautiful employee-company relationship is the one where they help each other grow together.

It’s not just you, it’s me

Finding pleasure and satisfaction on the job is a two-way street. Many employees choose to suffer in silence and assume that the company doesn’t care because they can’t get what they want. The reality is, feedback is important and goes both ways. And a great company will encourage you to open up because what you feel is as important as what they feel.

To make an impact, you have to exercise the leader inside you. Stepping up and giving your piece – in a professional way. Aren’t you tired of hearing “I’m good” or “no questions” in a company wracked with employee dissatisfaction? A company that doesn’t encourage its people to make the place better couldn’t be trusted to care. But a company might just be waiting for your suggestions. A company is made up of people, including yourself, and that makes you more important to it than you realize.

Seeing each other eye to eye

Are your values in sync with your company? Does it believe in what you believe? Having the same vision and core values ensures that you are going in the same direction. Can you imagine how you will pursue growth with the company if you don’t have the same idea of what growing should be like? What if you are pursuing a certain ambition but your company cannot support you because they don’t value what you want to become? What if your company is on the fast track, but you would rather be left behind because you don’t care about where they are headed?

Values are important, and sharing those values with each other is critical to being the right fit in your job. It’s not just about your skills or intellect, it’s also about having the attitude to pursue the right kind of success and progress. Make sure that your values do not clash with your company’s. If anything, this would be your non-negotiable, because you cannot easily change what a person or a company value: it defines them and would even be their raison d’etre.

When the important things matter to you both, then everything else tends to fall into place.

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