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L3 Leaders: The Next Gen

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” – Warren Bennis

The post-pandemic workplace presented a new set of leadership standards. But for employees at the office of L3 Global Ventures Inc., transforming ideas into reality has always been the standard of leadership ever since. And running the ship is L3 Global Ventures Inc.’s associate team managers.

Numerous attributes brought this group of people to the top of their respective teams: Ambition, brilliance, perseverance, and a boundless desire to grow and learn. These attributes, combined with L3 Global Ventures Inc's company core values, help the associate team managers prepare for whatever occurs and are excited for what the future holds for them, their team, and their company. Additionally, these attributes make these employees the next generation of team leaders to look forward to. Their progressive ideas and goal to make L3 Global Ventures Inc better every day make them the right people for their respective decisions, and also make the office an enjoyable place to go to, where creativity, fresh ideas, and authenticity in character are highly encouraged.

They believe that leadership is more than just a title. The associate team managers understand that title is not equal to entitlement but rather a challenge and responsibility. With a new set of tasks presented, these associate team managers must prove their best daily and push whatever boundaries are placed in front of them. They also have to remember that their actions and decisions establish their department’s identity within L3 Global Ventures Inc. and outside the company.

As we approach mid-2022, the associate team managers and their team members plan to face the rest of the year head-on. While they are proud of their achievements, they know there is still a long way to go and that they can only do much to be prepared. But a group of leaders has never displayed as much fierce determination and willingness as L3 Global Ventures Inc’s team leaders.

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