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Starting with the Right People

It’s been seven years, and every year felt like a major evolution from the previous. From basically nothing, we learned new systems, business jargon, and processes. Then, we started building our own system to make our processes faster and scalable, then expanded with new positions to accommodate the growing demand. This was followed by working with various experts in the industry to propel us further and hit the higher marks, closing larger deals, and running side by side with the bigger wolves in the market. We soon found ourselves experiencing growth across shorter periods, closing fast, being relevant in the telecommunication industry, and scaling up. It is an amazing journey that started between a handful of people crammed in a tiny office. Now, we are continuously growing at a constant, steady pace.

This is NOT a story of one person’s brainchild, and how it became an overnight success. L3 grew with the efforts of a highly motivated and committed team. They made themselves known to customers and clients alike through their quality of work. It didn’t start with one right person, but a group of people paddling the boat in unison.

L3 is in the service industry, and they focus on telecommunications solutions that could connect the world and give boundless opportunities. It was the right time to get into this business: telecom drives every technology that is being developed, from cloud-based mobile applications to self-driving cars. In the past 10 years, telecom dictated what is possible to invent or make a lucrative business of.

The partners enjoying the inspirational team presentations.

Our team differentiated itself by never letting go of the quality we expect from each other. We made sure we deliver to our promises and standards, so our customers and clients have a new level to set their sights on; a level of work that they know we can deliver consistently. Our industry numbers over the past seven years gave us the insight that, yes, this definitely works. People believe in us, as we believed in ourselves.

What really gets this whole journey going is our vigilant way of onboarding only the people who resonate with our professional core values. Anyone can be talented and excellent, but for us to produce the same high results and ride the continuous growth and change, we need people with self-motivation and the passion to never fall off the bar that has been set. Delivering a ridiculously awesome customer experience requires consistent effort and commitment, and it is a RACE we aim to run together for a very long time.

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