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Three of L3: A Three-Year Venture as a Marketing and Recruitment Arm

L3 Global Ventures Inc. has seen its fair share of ups and downs, and it continues to do so until today. But despite the challenges the company has endured since its establishment in 2019, it slowly finds itself developing into a marketing and recruitment arm that acts as extension for telecommunications company, CPOA Global Inc.

Since its formation, L3 Global Ventures Inc. has capitalized on finding and developing the right kind of people for CPOA Global Inc. and its clients. Employees have claimed that they find themselves becoming better and more dedicated to the job they must do, and are willing to learn more in the future.

2019: A Bright Idea

During the early months of January 2019, the conception of L3 Global Ventures Inc. took place due to the need to separate the identity of CPOA Global Inc. as a telecommunications business from its local human resources and recruitment faction. This idea came about because customers seeking to learn more about CPOA Global Inc.'s products and services were confused by seeing more posts about hiring calls.

To ensure that potential customers get the information they want, leaders of CPOA Global Inc. decided to create a more local version that can serve as the marketing and recruitment arm of the company. Hence, the creation of L3 Global Ventures Inc.

2020: Challenges Are Opportunities in Disguise

The COVID-19 pandemic made no exceptions. Like the rest of the world, CPOA Global and L3 Global Ventures Inc. slowed down with it. As a marketing and recruitment branch, L3 experienced challenges in hiring new talent. Additionally, like every other establishment worldwide, CPOA Global and L3 found themselves between losing half of their employees yet gaining some in the process.

L3 was also competing with other recruitment hubs when it came to finding new talent. The pandemic heightened people’s anxieties, eventually raising their standards for what constitutes a safe workplace. Remote working became the workplace trend, or more accurately a workplace necessity.

But rather than letting that stop L3, it instead started a non-stop marketing strategy that began to gain more people and train them to develop better, stronger skills and the proper mindset.

2021 – 2022: Rebuilding a Ridiculously Awesome Team

While the COVID-19 pandemic presented a new set of challenges that no one was prepared for, it encouraged L3 and its employees to establish a different kind of identity that can respond to challenges.

Employees had to grind harder, and managers had to roll up their sleeves to make room for new ways to keep these employees engaged, even in a hybrid work setup. L3 Global Ventures Inc.'s identity became more than just a business that maintains excellence and quality in human resources. It is a marketing and recruitment arm that focuses on keeping its and CPOA Global Inc.'s employees' heads above water. Basically, to survive whatever circumstances come their way.

As of now, L3 Global Ventures Inc. and CPOA Global Inc. continue to build their identities on optimism towards what could happen in the future. Throughout their journey, L3 extends this good cheer through activities like Happy Hour – where employees are encouraged to take a break and have fun – or the highly anticipated company outing where employees can take a break from the hectic city life they are used to. Furthermore, employees are also given the recognition they deserve through L3’s RACE Awards.

Subsequently, this extension of hope and positivity is what developed a team filled with more focused and motivated employees who come to enjoy the work more and more. Effectively, this is what keeps CPOA Global Inc. a champion solution provider for AT&T

And now, as we celebrate L3 Global Ventures Inc’s inception, we continuously build an awesome team equipped with the right kind of skills. These skills combined into one workforce help CPOA Global gain important assets and receive well-justified recognition, as well as build solid career paths for employees to explore in the future.

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