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Three Ways for Navigating New Career Moves

If there is anything that the COVID-19 pandemic drove us into, it is reflection. Some of us found ourselves staring at our reflections in the mirror, re-evaluating where our lives are headed now.

Some people have relocated to a different place, others have decided to focus on their well-being, be it physically or socially, and many toyed with the idea of making a career change.

If you're one of those who considered a career change, this article could be a little nudge in the shoulder. Of course, change is unsettling, but wouldn't you take the risk and control your destiny instead?

Here are three tips when you're considering beginning the next chapter of your career:

1. Look for a flexible company

Human connection is vital for our well-being. That is one essential lesson the COVID-19 pandemic taught us. But another fact that is clear to us is that things cannot – and should not – return to the way they were. The future of working will see a significant (and urgently needed) increase in flexibility, diversity, and sustainability.

The challenges we encounter require us to innovate not just for ourselves but for colleagues, employers, and clients. This collective creativity, combined with today's technology, brings a new kind of sustainable value to your work.

2.Lead by example

When it comes to becoming an excellent leader for a thriving business, adaptability is a crucial attribute to change the landscape surrounding you. Leading something as pivotal as change is quite challenging, but there are times where it could be necessary. To become adaptable is to understand that change is inevitable, and that there’s nothing better to do than trust your intuition and continue to take action, no matter what direction change is taking your career or business. When your clients and employees see this self-assuredness in you, this may encourage them to positively adapt to change.

3.Surround yourself with successful people

Seek some time to spend with those who are successfully pursuing the things you want to pursue. There is a high chance that highly successful people have failed more times than most others have tried, so they can be an excellent learning source regarding what didn't work and how to avoid common obstacles along the way.

This also gives them much positive and supportive energy, which you'll need when entering a new career domain.

Embracing change is daunting. But what makes it more difficult is not leaping towards something that could potentially be something bigger and better for your career. With these three timeless ways, deciding to make a career change and doing it will become easier and worth it in the end.

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